Why Colombia?


Why Colombia?

In many ways, Colombia is a well-developed country, with cosmopolitan cities, popular vacation spots, and a vibrant economy. It is becoming an increasingly attractive destination due to its relatively stable government, reliable infrastructure and its beautiful and diverse landscapes.

Colombia has, however, the highest rate of income inequality in Latin America, with 46% of the population living in poverty, and the second highest rate of displacement in the world, with 5.2 million people displaced from their land and homes. Bishop Francisco Duque leads a diverse and vibrant diocese and is the President of Province IX.  In addition, the Episcopal Church in Colombia has traditionally had a number of Diocesan companion relationships along with strong ties to many bishops in the U.S.

The diocese is currently served by ordained missionary, the Rev. Dr. Ted Gaiser, from the U.S. who, before coming to Colombia, worked with his bishops for eight years in developing mission partnerships.  This missionary is available to advise and assist you in planning your trip, and in developing a mission partnership with a church in Colombia.

See the Diocese of Colombia Brochure (PDF)