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The Rev. Dr. Ted Gaiser is currently living and working in Colombia as a long-term missionary.  View his blog here:

Colombian Refugee Project
The issue of Colombian refugees in Ecuador is a unique one, with a unique set of problems. In most refugee situations, the UNHCR has refugee camps, or “tent cities” set up to receive the refugees. These camps have the facilities and resources to address most of the needs of a refugee, and provide tents as temporary and immediate housing, food, and medical attention as needed. Unique to the Colombia situation, the UNHCR does not have refugee camps set up to receive the refugees filtering across the borders of Ecuador, Venezuela, and Panama. Fleeing Colombians must make it on their own, settling in unofficial and unsupported camps as they do in the jungles of Venezuela, or in large cities such as Quito, Ecuador. View the Colombian Refugee Project blog here:

There is also a great Colombia travel blog, known oddly enough as “Colombia Travel Blog”!  There are great photos and articles about various highlights of the Colombian culture and landscape.  See it here at: