Who We Are


The Rev. Dr. Ted J. Gaiser

Colforpaz is a recently formed 501c3 organization affiliated with the Episcopal Church in both the US and Colombia.  Our board is composed of veterans of mission work, formed with the goal of doing mission work with a new model focused on developing sustainable local development, transparency, and true partnership between the people of both the US and Colombia.

Bishop Duque_5825E

The Rt. Rev. Francisco Duque

COLFORPAZ Board of Directors:

  • The Rev. Dr. Ted J. Gaiser, President
  • The Rev. Mark Pendleton, Vice President
  • Mr. Paul Pyzowski, Treasurer
  • The Rev. Mark C. McKone-Sweet, Secretary
  • The Rt. Rev. Francisco Duque
  • Mrs. Karen D. Hotte
  • The Rev. Grey Maggiano
  • Ms. Maria Fenn

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Ted Gaiser at ted.gaiser@bc.edu.

See the Diocese of Colombia Brochure (PDF)